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If you are able to visit our Church web site, we wish you a warm welcome! Our congregation gathers here every Sunday to praise the Lord and worship Him, for Church (Greek ecclesia) is basically about meeting together.
At one time this building served as a synagogue for Aix’s Jewish community; a plaque on the door, rue Mazarine, testifies to long-standing relationships between the Jewish and Protestant communities in Aix. The two menorahs, on either side of the main doors into the Church, have been preserved as a gesture of friendship towards those who preceded us here in expressing their faith in the living God. The menorahs evoke the Covenant contracted between God and Israel as mentioned in the Old Testament.
The cross mounted on the opposite wall is to be understood in connection with the new Covenant in Jesus Christ, the son of God, as related in the New Testament. According to the tradition of the Reformed Churches, this cross does not exhibit the crucified body of Christ so as better to convey what is at the heart of Christian faith: Jesus Christ risen from the dead.
On the communion table stands an open Bible, where the Christian finds the Word of God. The Lord’s Supper, commemorating Jesus’ last meal with his disciples, is regularly shared during Sunday worship. Gathered around the communion table, believers pass the bread and wine to their neighbour. All who acknowledge Christ as their Lord are invited to partake of the Lord’s Supper.
Next to the communion table stands a lectern; from here, the Minister or other worship leader conducts the service, reads the Scriptures and provides commentary on what is read.
In the gallery is the organ for the leading and accompaniment of congregational singing as well as for encouraging an atmosphere of worship and reflection.
The building is not thought of as “holy ground”: though public worship takes place here every Sunday, in the adjoining halls there are other activities of the Protestant community (we have around 500 families in the Aix area), as well as of other groups and organizations which the Church facilitates, for charitable and social action on behalf of the poor, the homeless, the unemployed, or for choir practices…

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